Baan Thung Ngern (2020)

Baan Thung Ngern (2020)

Baan Thung Ngern
Year: 2020
Location: Sathupradit, Bangkok.
Scope: Architecture and Interior Design

Baan Thung Ngern is a new house for a big family. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, it is designed in contemporary Chinese style yet things are kept clean and simple… just like 8020 Syndicus would do.

When client reached for us to commission the design of their new house, we came to discuss the matter at their old house where many traditional, well-crafted pieces of Chinese furniture had caught our eyes. So we proposed the concept of traditional Chinese house yet keep things simple and modern to make it financially feasible and functional for contemporary lifestyle. They agreed.

The name “Baan Thung Ngern” came from the unique shape of the land. It has a small entrance. You have to enter this land through a smaller house then it is big inside, just like a treasure bag (“Thung Ngern”) as owner called it. And that’s the story of the name but what surprised us is the feeling when enter this land. It’s like you walk into a secret garden. From outside, you’d never be able to imagine that this land is even exist!

From the idea of Secret Garden and Chinese style, the concept of the house starts to become clear. We created a minimal house in a secret Chinese garden inspired by Yuyuan garden in Shanghai. But besides green trees and water, we’ve make the place more sacred by placing a small spiritual house over a waterfall where the owner collects hundreds of holy Buddha images inside and the house became a real secret sanctuary.